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EQUIFAX INFORMATION: Background and what to do links for the Equifax breach.

NH DMV will be closed October 9 & 10 for software upgrade.

School Board: WLC School Board Agenda 9.26.17

School Budget Commitee: 2017.0411.WLC.BC.Minutes.Final 2017.0711.WLC.BC.Minutes.Final.pdf 2017.0829.WLC.BC.Minutes.Draft.pdf 2017.0926.WLC.BC.Agenda

We want to thank Rachel Maccini and the UNH Cooperative Extension Master Gardener program. She suggested this article on the UNH CE website Beneficial Insects in New Hampshire Farms & Gardens Dr. Alan T. Eaton, Extension Specialist, Entomology

Good time to check your hemlocks Hemlocks’ Triple Threat and How You can Help ” . Jessie's article