Happy ECLIPSE DAY Aug 21!


Be careful and make sure no one sits and stares at the sun.

The average museum goer looks at a painting for 7 sec (from Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum tour ). You should look a a painting longer, but not much longer at the sun.

Use the eclipse glasses wisely. Look for 10 – 20 sec and look again 20 minutes later.

PLAY with the shadows and pin-hole projections. (pin hole in pie plate or more elaborate look at link . http://hilaroad.com/camp/projects/eclipse_viewer/eclipse_viewer.html)

Partial eclipse is partial. The maximum is the smallest crescent. You will not miss something if you are early or late. DO NOT point your phone or camera at the sun. The camera lens needs a filter too. It could break and if it does not, all you will get is a bright over exposed sky. Google it before you try it.

Watch NASA Totality on-line https://www.nasa.gov/eclipselive-info

Pictures from past eclipses

August Third Monday, afternoon of August 21 is Total Solar Eclipse USA and a 60% Partial Solar Eclipse in Lyndeborough around 2:50. 60% means you can see a crecent shadow with a pinhole projector (click here for directions) or solar eclipse glasses. We hope to have NASA's live broadcast of totality on our library TV. Wilton and New Boston libraries are doing stuff too.


Rose Mountain Ramble August 26.

UNH Cooperative and the NH Department of Resources and Economic Development came to JATL this summer to talk about BUGS. UNH Cooperative has sent material to Citizens' Hall regarding the invasive insect emerald ash borer (EAB) . Go to Citizens' Hall or you can read the letter and go to the suggested web sites for the information. USE LOCAL Firewood.

Coming this Fall!!

WWII Series: See Third MONDAY

COOKBOOK CLUB : We pick a book. Each participant choses a recipe, the next month everyone gets to taste all the recipies. A daytime and an evening groups are being planned. We are thinking a Wednesday or Thursday at 1:30 for the daytime and a Monday at 6:30 for evening. PLEASE call 654-6790 or email jatlprograms@gmail.com

The Open Cupboard Pantry thanks us for the generous donations from the Ice Cream Social

Our events and others in the area try




We were sent these College Scholarship Review sites. Hope they help.